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Residential Real Estate Appraising …… Let us hear from you.

The appraisal of one’s home or land is sometimes misunderstood. In performing an appraisal, the appraiser is simply looking for market value—defined as the most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market. The appraiser estimates or provides an opinion of the current market value by comparing some of the most recent (but past) real estate market sales to the home or land being appraised. The best comparable market sales are those which are closest in proximity—same neighborhood, subdivision or marketing area. Some other areas of comparison are age, condition, size (heated sq. ft.), construction quality (brick, interior upgrades, etc.), design & appeal (ranch, 2 story, etc.), utility (bedrooms, baths,etc.) and other value related factors such as garage, acreage/lot size, porches, pools or other special features. Adjustments are then made for these value differences between the home or land being appraised and the best comparable market sales -- resulting in an estimate or opinion of market value. There is no scientific, mathematical or appraisal formula used to estimate market value - it is simply the appraiser’s opinion based on an objective analysis of the available facts.

We know that with all that is involved in an appraisal questions may persist and we want to be of service if possible. So, let us hear from you — whether or not you order an appraisal from
RB Miller Appraisal Group.

You may have questions about our website, the real estate market in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, real estate appraising or related real estate and appraisal topics. Please feel free to address those real estate or general appraisal issues in an e-mail to us. We will be happy to respond to you with the best information we have available. At the very least, we will try to point you in the proper direction. Please identify yourself/your company so that we may respond in a professional manner. Our goal is to get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

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DISCLAIMER: We will not answer questions or make comments on a specific appraisal another appraiser may have prepared on your behalf. Neither can we respond to any legal issues/questions on appraisals and will not offer sales or investment advice on real estate in North Carolina. No estimate of value can be provided without an appraisal. RB Miller Appraisal Group reserves the right to respond or not to respond to any question(s) or inquiries at its sole discretion.

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